FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order products from Caffè Gran Gourmet
How long are the delivery times

From 24 – 48 hrs. If order arrives with us until 12.00h, the goods can arrive the next day already.

Which types of coffee can i order
Can I also use your Miscela d'Oro capsules in a Nespresso coffee machine

Yes, they are compatible with all Nespresso capsule machines.


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Can I also buy coffee machines at Caffè Gran Gourmet

Of course. You can buy, rent, or have in operating (will be provided) coffee machines.

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Which accessories do you have on offer

We offer a wide range of accessories. From the stir bar to the cappuccino cup. You can take everything from our online shop under “additional products” or “accessories”.

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Do you also have gift set on offer


We have a very nice gift set consisting of 6 espresso cups with saucers and a selectable 250 gr coffee bean or ground coffee can.

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Which payment options are there
  • By bill
  • Pay-Pal
  • Credit Card
  • Quick Payment
My coffee machine does not run anymore

In such a case, we distinguish first whether it is a “bought”, “rented” or ” in operating” used coffee machine:

  • if purchased:
    Is it a warranty claim (defective parts) or is it a normal maintenance service? Upon request, a replacement machine can be provided at a reasonable cost, so that you can enjoy our coffee during the service time.
  • if rented:
    Replacement machine free of charge
  • If in Operating – “Carefree package”
    Free exchange machine
What means "Operating"

Enjoy the benefits of the carefree package. We guarantee you a top service and optimal functioning of the coffee machine at all times, so that you can enjoy your coffee Miscela d’Oro carefree and without interruptions. At Operating you enjoy a full guarantee.

  • coffee machine is provided for free
  • No acquisition costs
  • Service & replacement machine for free
  • No repair costs
  • Full warranty on normal wear and tear (during contract period). Periodic decalcification is not covered.
  • Products are to be purchased exclusively from “Caffè Gran Gourmet GmbH”
  • Coffee Price (depending on the coffee machine price and the monthly consumption)

Contact us for a personal consultation, so that we can offer you the right carefree solution.

What exactly does Bio & fairtrade mean

Of biological can only be recognized, if on fields on which coffee is grown, for at least 2 years, no chemical products have been used.

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Certificates Bio & Fairtrade     Certificates 


How can you be sure that the coffee is of high quality

From the selection of coffee beans, the roasting (in-house), to the packaging, miscela d’Oro has the task of complying with the strictest of regulations so that we can offer our customers a sustainable and high quality. See homepage under “Certifications”.

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Are there any miscela d'Oro points of sale in Switzerland

A point of sale is planned in the near future.

All infos about the company - "Miscela d'Oro"

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